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Tolks­dorf, N. F., Mer­tens, U. & Rohlfing, K. J. (2018, 12.12.). Mul­ti­modal respon­se beha­vi­or of child­ren during word lear­ning with a robot. Sym­po­si­um on Robots for Lan­guage Lear­ning, Koç Uni­ver­si­ty, Istan­bul. [Tan­dem 4]

This stu­dy explo­res children’s mul­ti­modal beha­vi­or in respon­se to a robot’s ver­bal turn during a word lear­ning task. We con­duc­ted an expe­ri­ment con­sis­ting of four ses­si­ons and mea­su­red chan­ges in the beha­vi­or of the child reflec­ting the deve­lo­p­ment of the inter­ac­tions. Preli­mi­na­ry results sug­gest that child­ren made use of various mul­ti­modal signals such as ges­tu­res or delay mar­kers. Ana­ly­zes on children’s gaze beha­vi­or reve­a­led fur­ther cri­ti­cal obser­va­tions with respect to the use of a tablet in child-robot interactions.